Big Red - 1/20 Wave Archelon

Next Archelon ready to paint. Inspired to push this a little further than I had intended by Paul E C Keefe Jr. 's excellent Gustav internal mechanics on FB. First time playing with Aves epoxy putty ... much nicer than Milliput.

Cold Finger Unchained

I decided to add a tarp/blanket to this suit. Maybe the pilot is trying to keep his engine warm or maybe he's trying to soak up melted snow from the exhaust - actually I've always liked the look of stowage on scale armour kits and just wanted to add a little more olive to the colour palette. The blanket is foil from a coffee can burnished to the contours of the suit.

Cold Finger - Final Groundwork and Weathering

To tie the suit to the groundwork I added some final weathering effects such as additional snow and mud and also finished off the power cables.

Cold Finger - Groundwork

Almost finished the groundwork for this project. The tree trunk was sculpted from fimo while the roots are actual fine twigs from a paper bark tree blended in with putty. The snow was a bit of an experiment, a new recipe - talcum powder and matte gel medium for a dry winter look. The leaves are real leaves that I picked from a dead herb bush in a caffe. Included is a photo I used for reference.

Cold Finger - Detail Wash and Filters

Added detail washes and some olive filters ...

Cold Finger - 1/20 Wave Polar Bear

Decided to finish off this old build that I started in 2008. The base model, a Wave A.F.S Polar Bear, has been modified to include some of the subtleties of the original resin Love Love Garden garage kit ... such as remodelling the breastplate and removing details from the arms and legs. The right arm and manipulator are almost entirely scratch built ...