The Cat and The Moon

This emblem seems to have originated on the famous U-48 but then later it was also used on many other U-boats as officers from U-48 moved on to new commissions. U-564 also carried the famous 'three black cat' motif of Teddy Suhren who, along with Prien and Kretschmer, was one of the top U-Boat commanders during the battle of the Atlantic.

"U-48 or Unterseeboot 48 was a German Type VIIB submarine of the Kriegsmarine during World War II. U-48 was the most successful U-boat commissioned into the Kriegsmarine during the World War II. During her two years of active service, U-48 sank 55 ships for 321,000 tons, and damaged two more at 12,000 tons on twelve war patrols conducted during the opening stages of the Second Battle of the Atlantic. She was a Type VIIB submarine with five torpedo tubes and an 88 mm deck gun. She was very fast and agile, thanks to her dual rudders, and could patrol for approximately a month at a time, giving her a range comfortably across the North Atlantic."

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