The Ungrateful Dead

As if a grinning skeleton riding a scythe weren't fearsome enough ... he's also hurling, um ... umbrellas? This pesky wraith made an appearance on the Hornisse decal sheet and camo cards as the insignia for the 41st Combat Air Force (JG-41).

Historically it was actually the unit symbol of 4. Staffel, II. Gruppe, JG 77 ... a typical example of which can be seen here. The umbrella being wielded by the wraith was another of the Luftwaffe's personal attacks on Neville Chamberlain (see post 'Umbrella Man').

"II./JG 77 has it`s ancestry back in 1936 and was first started as an "Kuestenjagdgruppe" and called I./136. It`s main duty was to guard the German Bight from its bases at Jever. The unit was part of the Kriegsmarine and consisted of 4 Staffel with He 51 planes. Some pilots went to J/88 (Legion Condor) during this period. These returned to the unit after the battle in Spain. The unit converted to the Bf 109B in 1938 and was renamed to II./JG 333 during the reorganisation of the Luftwaffe. One Staffel was given to II./186."

More information about JG 77 to be found here

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