'The Polar Bear Butchers'

Noticed a discounted book in the local coffee shop this morning ... the title grabbed my attention "The Polar Bears - Monty's Left Flank". The blurb reads ...

"With its roots in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the 49th Infantry Division was originally a territorial unit formed in 1907 which fought with distinction throughout World War I earning three VCs. During 1940-42 it fought in the ill-fated campaign in Normandy, garrisoned Iceland for two years and earned itself the title of the Polar Bears. In the north west Europe campaign of 1944-45 it acted as Monty's left flank and suffered 11,000 casualties in 11 months. After the battle for Normandy, the Polar Bears took a major role in the capture of Le Havre, campaigned vigorously in Belgium, helped to take Arnhem and then liberated Utrech and Hilversum. In the last weeks of the war, the Polar Bears brought food supplies into starving Holland. This is an illustrated account of their exploits, based on first hand accounts of the men who actually fought with the Polar Bears."

Curious if there was a Ma.K connection, I did a little web hunting and found out more about the unit history. Apparently they were dubbed the Polar Bears by a Nazi propaganda broadcaster ...

I wonder if the AFS Polar Bear took it's name from this unit and if the insignia inspired the Wave Polar Bear decals?

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