'Escuadron Azul' (The Blue Squadron)

In the Ma.K universe this was the emblem of the 343rd Ground Support Platoon which utilized the PKA HO and PK41 in the Australian Desert in May, 2886.

"This platoon was used very often on operations but had almost no losses, with a very high percentage of it's pilots returning from their missions. But when the new high performance Falke arrived, many were captured."

In fact the unit ID has it's origins in the Spanish Civil War as the emblem of Garcia Morato's squadron 'Patrulla Azul' and was later used by 15. (Spanische) Staffel / 'Escuadron Azul' of JG 51 formed from a group of Spanish volunteers June 21, 1942 (though variations of this emblem were used by all of the Spanish Squadrons).

"By June it was clear that preparations for the Wehrmact's 1942 summer offensive in the east were all but complete. But the only material reinforcement for JG 51 came in the unexpected form of a staffel of Spanish volunteers. This was the second such volunteer unit that Spain's Generalissimo Franco had sent to Russia, the first having served originally under JG 27 during the winter of 1941- 42.
Attached operationally to II. Gruppe, the newcomers' official title was 15.(span)/JG 51, but Major Julio Salvador's unit was more usually referred to within the Geschwader simply as the "spanische Staffel" - the spaniards themselves preferred 2a Escuadrilla Azul (2nd Blue Squadron). Whatever their nomenclature, the Spaniards would fight alongside the pilots of JG 51 on the Moscow front throughout the coming summer and winter months"

The birds in the insignia are flying in the "Kette"- formation. This formation, consisting of three planes flying in a 'V', was used by all airforces at the time for ground attacks. The formation was invented by deputy squadron leader, Captain Muñoz Giménez. The motto "Vista Suerte Y Al Toro" translates as : A Glance, Luck, and at the Bull.

"During World War II, one air section, the "Blue Squadron" (Escuadrilla Azul),operated alongside the Blue Division (Division Azul). The Blue Division was a Spanish volunteer group which fought alongside the Axis Powers on the Eastern Front."

A couple of examples of 'Blue Squadron' aircraft here and here.


  1. Does anyone know the camo colors os the Fw 190 A3 of the blue squadron?

  2. What greens (RLM) were. Used in the Fw 190s of Blue Squadron?