The Early Bird Gets the ... er ... Umbrella?

The last of the PKA HO unit emblems ... this time for the 2nd Heavy Artillery Battalion HQ.

"This PKA HO was deployed to Northern Ireland in November 2885 and was operated by Second Lieutenant Heintz Zakusenberk of the 2nd Heavy Artillery Battalion HQ. Heintz was tasked with the high altitude support of the 'Night Stalker'. The son of a leatherworker, he was considered odd due to the habit of going barefoot even during winter."

The emblem was really the 'weeping raven' of II./JG 51 designed by Luftwaffe pilot Hans Illner. Although Hans' nephew suggests the bird may have been a representation of Winston Churchill, it is more likely that it was a caricature of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as the emblem had existed before Churchill had been voted to power and Chamberlain was often referred to as the 'umbrella man' by the press. Emblazoned on the shield in red writing is the belligerent catchphrase "Gott Strafe England" ... "May God punish England".

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