The U-Boat Connection

This long armed froggy was originally included on the Nitto Konrad decal sheet as the insignia for 2./JG 26 and then later also appeared on the Oskar and Lunar Konigs Krote decals as well.

Interestingly this is not a luftwaffe insignia but instead a Kriegsmarine U-boat emblem. In fact it is the unique symbol applied to U-124 by Kptit. Jochen Mohr when he took command of the vessel ...

"The emblem of U-124, the Edelweiss, was inspired by the loss of U-64 in April, 1940. The boats had the same crew for the most part, including the commander Kptlt. Wilhelm Schulz. They were saved from the cold Norwegian waters by members of the German mountain troops. The grateful U-boat men adapted their emblem on their next U-boat, the U-124 commissioned in June, 1940.
When Kptlt. Johann Mohr took command of U-124, in late 1941, he added his own personnal emblem, a green frog, to the front of the tower. Keeping the Edelweiss on both sides."

It is possible to just make out the frog insignia on the tower of the U-Boat in the pictures below ...

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