Who's Ma.K Girl?

A while back I discovered that the Japanese model who posed in the Ma.K Falke profile has a website. Turns out that her name is Takako Lopez.

"Another specially selected image girl to represent the 2008 Super GT is Takako Lopez (ロペス貴子), a fine specimen of French (Edit - I have heard it mentioned elsewhere that her father is Mexican) and Japanese descent. This started her grid career last year when she was only 17 in the (スーパー耐久) endurance series and received the honor of first place “grid girl” at the 2007 F1 Japan at Fuji Speedway! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of Takako in the near future."

In 2008 she 'starred' in her own DVD 'Seventeen' and it's sequel 'Seventeen 2' and in the same year became a Race Queen ...

Recently it was announced that 'Brickworks' will be releasing a Takako figure. A painted example can be seen on Kow's website.

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